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Before you  sell your diamonds and gold for cash call for advice 

Gold and Silver bullion and coins are real money, Sell your bullion to DCLA directly no middle men.

Remember gold and Silver is actually the oldest form of money, used as real currency for over six thousand years.

Today, gold bullion bars and coins are still universally recognised and accepted as a currency .  Call us before Buying or selling bullion.

With FirstGold you can buy gold bullion, or buy silver bullion bars. The process is simple you can buy gold online.

How to Sell Your Bullion Best?

Selling your bullion and getting the correct price is every bit as intricate as intelligently buying your bullion. Full attention to detail is required to successfully sell your bullion at the correct market gold or silver price.

When it comes to turning your bullion into cash there are many options, especially in the city.

Common sense is you never meet with any stranger, also selling in a store with street views or access is a good way to robbed or followed home.

When selling to an online dealer makes sure they have a physical address, ABN and phone number. There are many dangers out there.

Online auctions can be a good way to sell, but first get the correct value and remember the time and fees can eat into the sell price. So make an educated decision before you take the time and effort.

DCLA Services advises when selling, you only deal with proven companies with long track records.