DCLA Services a DCLA partner company makes it safe and convenient when marketing your diamond

Ensuring the correct diamond value when selling your diamonds is critical.  

DCLA Services makes it  easy. No stress, No worry. DCLA Services makes the process simple.

When researching you will find DCLA Services is the premier diamond service company, DCLA Services will help you sell your diamond set or lose.

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From High quality diamonds to small diamonds DCLA Services are the specialists

Certified or not we have the laboratory to test and quality grade the diamond while you watch, giving you the precise value and best advice.

DCLA Services has a guaranteed privacy policy, and you will have one on one time with a qualified diamond expert grader for complete confidence and comfort.

Three generations of Diamond mining and manufacturing knowledge is available to you at DCLA services office, so please call for an appointment or visit us for free advice.

As the DCLA services is the Premium diamond specialist, we can and will help.

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DCLAlaboratory for advice on diamonds

Selling diamonds across Australia is made comfortable and easy with DCLA Services.

DCLA Laboratory

The DCLA Diamond Grading Laboratory Certificate sets the standard for technical ability in certification of diamonds. The DCLA is the only internationally recognised diamond certification laboratory in Australia, grading diamonds in accordance with International Diamond Council (IDC) and World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) rules for grading polished diamonds.

Diamond Certification

Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia
Australia’s foremost diamond grading laboratory for wholesale jewellery
First Gold – Australia's only gold and silver savings investment program
Third Generation of diamond and gold experience
, Experts in gold jewellery and antique jewellery

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